Drunken Devil is a Los Angeles-based event company, with a focus on horror theatre and haunted houses, paired with immersive bar experiences. Based on a character developed by creative director and founder Matt Dorado, the annual event is rooted in cultural folklore, mythology, avant-garde theatre, art, and the horror genre.

The Drunken Devil, as a character, is the archetypal devil on your shoulder, imploring you to pop open that third bottle of wine, and wreaking mischievous havoc on all. A charlatan and a jester, the Drunken Devil's influence can be spotted in all aspects of the event. 

The company premiered its first attraction, "The Sinner's Soirée," in October 2015. It continues to grow, with a 2016 season filled with immersive theatre experiences, vaudevillian-type burlesque shows, and the next incarnation of the haunted attraction.