Drunken Devil is a Los Angeles-based experience company that produces thematic and theatrical parties and events, all with a distinct horror edge. Based on a character developed by creator and executive producer Matt Dorado, the company’s aesthetic and vision is deeply rooted in cultural folklore, mythology, camp, music, and the horror genre. Staples of Drunken Devil parties include open bars, theatrical elements including burlesque, magic, and performance art, and sets by some of Los Angeles' most talented DJs.  

The Drunken Devil, as a character, is the archetypal imp on your shoulder, imploring you to pop open that third bottle of champagne, and wreaking mischievous havoc on all. A charlatan and a jester, the Drunken Devil’s rascally influence can be spotted in all aspects of the company. The Drunken Devil canon is of debauchery, decadence, and a hedonism that preaches the importance of embracing one’s self fully, and giving in to the mischief around you.

The company premiered its first attraction, The Sinner’s Soirée, in October of 2015. In April of 2016, Drunken Devil conceived and produced Villains & Vixens, a hit burlesque and magic variety show that shocked and awed the Downtown LA scene. After that, Drunken Devil produced L’Enfer: An Infernal Discotheque, a critically acclaimed disco-themed variety show and dance party that brought a sinister edge to the nightlife scene, and The Witches' Ball, a sold-out, occult-inspired Halloween costume party that took place in a historic restored ballroom in Downtown Los Angeles.

The company continues to produce thrilling new experiences, and has several events slated for the 2017 season.