About the company

Drunken Devil is a Los Angeles-based production company that creates thematic and theatrical parties, special events, and experiences, all with a distinct horror edge. Based on a character conceived by haunted attraction producer and filmmaker Matt Dorado, the company’s aesthetic and vision is deeply rooted in mythology, camp, music, and the horror genre.

The Drunken Devil, as a character, is the archetypal imp on your shoulder, imploring you to pop open that third bottle of champagne, and wreaking mischievous havoc on all. A charlatan and a jester, the Drunken Devil’s rascally influence can be spotted in all aspects of the company. The Drunken Devil canon is of debauchery, decadence, and a hedonism that preaches the importance of embracing one’s self fully, and giving in to the mischief around you.

Drunken Devil produces three-to-four large scale events per year. Staples of these experiences include open bars featuring wine, beer, and craft cocktails, burlesque shows, magic, performance art, and sets by some of the best DJs in underground Los Angeles nightlife.

In addition to producing experiences to the public, Drunken Devil also functions as a full-service event production company for private parties, premieres, brand launches, and more. Drunken Devil’s one-of-a-kind flair, which integrates both highbrow and lowbrow aesthetics with a theatrical twist unique in the highly saturated Los Angeles market, can be applied to any event.